chilling at high street

chilling with my bff (hoops) and her bf (louie) at bonifacio high street; checking out some books at fully booked; playing around with lights…

we see red

naughty louie

high street at night

bright lights

christmas lights


a walk in the park

decided to take sugar out for some much needed exercise and i brought my trusty Holga 120 CFN with me…

cutie pie sugar

sniffing around the playground

what's going on over there?

double exposed power lines

lamp post


here are some lomographs from my first roll using my first ever Lomo camera — the Holga 120 CFN. of course only 8 shots out of 12 came out, but i figure that’s better than having none come out at all. i mean it’s the first roll, gimme a break. i’m still trying to get into the groove of things. haha. after all, practice makes perfect… 😀

me and the boss

sugar munching on a bone

she really wants that bone

hungry much? lol

the dark and empty silver city mall

photo op at the office

the ceiling of the deserted mall

the backyard



Hello world!

Hello world. Hello WordPress. This is my first post/test post. I’m still configuring this photo blog of sorts. So will start posting pictures once I’m done. Wish me luck. 🙂